BigOpolis is a friendly web site dedicated to fill in puzzles. We invite you to play our free online fill-it-in puzzle word game. The fill-in puzzle or (fill-it-in) is similar to a crossword puzzle but much easier to solve. Try one and see for yourself, they are fun and easy to play, and will amuse and entertain people of all ages.

You can also print them up and fill them out, we offer printable puzzles as well.

Play the number fill in puzzles. The fill in puzzles come in two forms, a word puzzle, and in some cases a number puzzle. The number puzzles appear periodically throughout the month. Check the daily puzzle history and you will most likely find a number puzzle or two within the past days list.

Now with puzzles of varying sizes .... from 13x13 to 21x21.

You might know these puzzles by another name, they are sometimes known as:

  • WordFit Puzzles
  • FrameWork Puzzles
  • Kris Kros Puzzles
  • CrissCross Puzzles
  • Cross Patch Puzzles
  • Word Fill Puzzles
  • Tangleword Puzzles
  • Fill-in-the-blank Puzzles

And in some cases the fill in puzzles are associated with other word and number games such as word search and sudoku or boggle puzzles, although they are not the same, they probably fall in the same category of difficulty for casual game players of interlocking words or numbers

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Thanks to all who have offered their comments and suggestions. We are striving to keep the BigOpolis Fill-it-In Puzzles fun and easy to play for all. Keep your suggestions and comments coming in.

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