Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I see the online fill-in puzzle?

A. In order to play the online puzzles you should optimally have the following items enabled on your web browser:

With most modern web browsers (i.e. FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge) you should have no problems. Any browser which is considered HTML5 capable should be sufficient. However, in some cases the JavaScript services must be explicitly enabled. Please refer to your web browser's preferences or options and enable the services listed above in order to get the full benefits of our web site.

Q. Javascript is enabled but I still don't see the fill-in puzzle?

A. You need to be running a modern browser, one which supports modern HTML5 standards.

Q. I can see the puzzle but nothing is happening?

A. Make sure that you have clicked on the grid before typing anything on the keyboard. Sometimes the browser will send focus to some other part of the web page, and the puzzle will not respond.

Q. Why doesn't the online puzzle work on my iPad or Android mobile device?

A. As it stands, the puzzle does not work with iPad or any of the other mobile devices, unless you have a physical keyboard attached. An enhanced version of the App is in the works and should be available for mobile devices very soon.

Q. Where are the "Answers" to the puzzles?

A. Each puzzle page has either a button just above the puzzle labeled "Solution", or a link off to the left with the same label. That should give you the answers you are looking for.

Q. Where is the print version of the fill-in puzzle?

A. Each puzzle page has a link to a printable fill in puzzle. Look for a print button or an adobe pdf icon, either in the sidebar or directly above or below the puzzle.

Q. Why are puzzle grid lines not visible?

A. When viewing printable puzzles on screen the puzzle grid lines may not visible if the view size is set to smaller than actual size. When printing a puzzle make sure to set printer output to 100% to ensure that the puzzle is printed to scale and the grid lines should print normally.

Q. How do I get a booklet mailed to my home?

A. The BigOpolis Fill-it-In Collection booklets are published in electronic form and are available as a download with a special link sent to your email address at purchase time. Sorry, we do not ship any pre-printed booklets or packages to your home.

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