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Apple Newton

Apple Newton

Before the iPad there was the Newton, read about this revolutionary device at The Register. Newton the PDA technology ahead of it's time. United Network of Newton Archives for a repository of Newton applications and documentation. Also the The Newton Reference just about everything you'll need is nicely catalogued here. Try PDA-Soft for a Newton specific FAQ and other information.

Black framed glasses

Nerdy News

SlashDot-- news for nerds. Biting the hand that feeds The Register. And last but not least Reddit, the when you really want to socialize your news.


guitars and conga drums

Minting Musicians...

You say that you've always wanted to be a Rock-N-Roll legend, but your guitar repertoire consists of 3 chords which you tortously mangle into sounding like every song you've ever heard. Well I have your salvation, in no time at all you will become a chord strumming, lick picking, axe jamming, fool, because OLGA the On Line Guitar Archives is the place to get the latest tabs and lyrics for just about all your favorite songs. So grab your guitar, turn your amp up to 11 and get ready to jam.

What's that you say? You're able to play 4 chords all within one song, your ready to perform in front of the a world audience. Then you need to head on over to On Line Bands, and get your new band up on the net.

Rockingbirds Band Members

The Rockingbirds

Summer time fun. Evenings filled with music, dance and merriment. People are always in a good mood, and seem to filled with energy and dance.

The Rockingbirds specialize in music from the 60s and 70s ... three-part harmonized dance tunes from the 15 years after the British Invasion. We play feel-good music. People go home happy, tired and remembering.

If you are out this summer in the Downriver Detroit area, check out The Rockingbirds at one of their shows. You will have a good time for sure!

Killer Flamingos

Local Bands

If you enjoy live music, and your lucky enough to be in the Detroit metro area, then a must see is the Killer Flamingos a local Detroit area band.

Both the band and club have a relaxed atmosphere which is why the music always sounds so good.

Another must see band, is Fifty Amp Fuse they do a regular gigs all over the metro Detroit area, and are by far the best cover band I have seen.

Also a Downriver favorite and a personal favorite of ours is Blackberry Brandy.

All of these bands were "discovered" by us at a local Allen Park, MI club called Simons. A long, long time ago...

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